Arrange your next event at Racehall and get an adrenalin rush. Vi have the largest indoor race track in Europe, which gives us a great number of possibilities to arrange an exciting event with plenty of action. 

You can see a list below, containing the different types of races that we offer. Click on the type that you are interested in, and read more about drivers requirements and booking.

Drop In
From 120,-
Drop In is our race type without booking.
From 10 min.
1-34 persons
F1 Style
F1 Style has a duration of 30 minutes with 10 minutes qualify and 20 minutes race
30 min.
1-34 persons
F1 Grand Prix is a race of 60 minutes, with warm up, qualify and race
60 min.
12-34 persons
Le Mans
From 465,-
Share a gokart in the classic Le Mans style race
90+ min
30+ persons
2 Cheap Sunday
End your weekend with a rush. F1 Style races every sunday 6pm - 8pm.
30 min.
1-34 persons
DTC Style
DTC style is a 1½ hour race for those who can't get excitement and action enough
90 min.
12-34 persons
VIP Superkarts
From 250,-
VIP-karts is the best Racehall has to offer. These karts has 13 HP and 390 CC, which gives you a great experience.
10+ min
1-12 persons
Crazy VIP Wednesday
Oplev det ultimative adrenalinrush i en af vores VIP-karts - til en rigtig god pris.
20 min.
1-12 persons
Super VIP Event
30 minutes in standardkart followed by 30 minutes in VIP Superkarts
2 x 30 min.
12 persons

Populære pakkeløsninger


SOMMERTILBUD - Vælg minimum 2 aktiviteter og opnå favorable priser
60 min. +

Komplet pakken

Super pakkeløsning med 30 minutters race efterfulgt af lækker mad hos The Diner. Pakken gælder alle ugens dage.
12+ personer
30 min.

Race & Buffét

Pakkeløsning med 30 minutters race efterfulgt af en lækker buffét hos The Diner. Pakken gælder alle ugens dage.
12+ personer
30 min.

Reno Racepakken

En times hæsblæsende løb efterfulgt af en tur på podiet med statuette til vinderen. Afsluttes med en lækker mør steak hos The Diner!
12+ personer
60 min.