• Europes longest indoor race-track
    Gokarting 4 All

    Come by and have a great day at Racehall. We guarantee a great day with a lot of speed, fun and action.

    Call us today and we will take care of the rest!

  • Feel the Formula 1 rush at RacingRoom
    Feel how it is to handle a Formula 1 racer!

    At RacingRoom, we have racingsimulators that gives an authentic feeling of how it is to handle a Formula 1 car.

    Come by and see if you got the skills and talent required to set a good lap time.

  • Real American Diner atmosphere
    The Diner will serve classic Diner dishes with a great view over the track

    Eat delicious burgers, and have a Vanilla Coke, Millers or an Anchor draft beer along with it.

    For dessert or a quick refreshment, we offer Oreo and Coke Float shakes among others.

  • Sing like Michael Jackson at Voicehall
    Record your own CD

    Voicehall is a modern music recording studio that gives you the ultimate music experience

    Choose between enything from Elvis to Spice Girls - we have more than 500 songs!

  • Skiing all year round
    Skiarena is skiing for everybody

    It doesn't matter if you are a pro or an amature, Skiarena can give you a fun experience and help you to get a better technique.

    Our team of instructors will guide you from start to finish.


Everybody can race at Racehall. And the prices starts at only 120 DKK per person!


We have a lot of possibilitiers to compine Skiarena, The Diner and Racehall!

Opening hours & Contact

We are open all days from 10am to 8pm. Read more and find contact information here. 

Everything under the same roof

Our gokarts

  • Adult karts

    Manufacturer: Dinokart

    Top speed: 80 KM/H

    Performance: 6,5 HP - 200 CC

    Driver requirements: Minimum 150 cm

    Our standard adult karts are 6,5 HP Dinokarts. These gokarts gets tested very often, to make sure that it is the driver and not the kart that is decisive for the results. Racehall has permission to drive up to 34 of these karts at the same time.

  • Childrens karts

    Manufacturer: Dinokart

    Top speed: 80 KM/H

    Performance: 200 CC

    Driver requirements: Minimum 120 cm

    Our childrens karts gives the possibility tha children with a minimum height of 120 cm can drive their own gokart. The gokart has shorter distance to the pedals, but functions like any other gokart. It has a brake pedal and a gas pedal and the children will get a thorough instruction before they leave the pit. 

  • Twin-kart

    Manufacturer: Rimo Kart

    Top speed: 80 KM/H

    Performance: 13 HP

    Driver requirements: Minimum 18 years
    Passenger requirements: Minimum 90 cm

    Our Twin-karts with two seats provides the option that two persons can drive in the same kart. The driver has to be at leats 18 years old and the passenger must have a height of at least 90 centimeters.

  • Superkart

    Manufacturer: Dinokart

    Top speed: 100 KM/H

    Performance: 13 HP - 390 CC

    Driver requirements: Min. 18 years, Car drivers license, Must have raced at least 3 times at Racehall.

    Our 13 HP VIP Superkarts provides the ultimate racing experience. These karts are top of the line at Racehall, and their great performance guarantees that you have a unique experience when you are driving them.

  • Kart for physically disabled

    Manufacturer: Dinokart

    Top speed: 80 KM/H

    Performance: 6,5 HK - 200 CC

    Features: Brake and gas is operated from the steering wheel.

    At Racehall we are offering gokarts that fits physically disabled people. They allow the driver to operate the kart only with their hands. The brake and gas is controlled by two handles on the back of the steering wheel.

Take a lap on our track

  • "We were 12 drivers at a family-event. Everything was very positive. It is VERY fun to drive the gokarts. Everybody agreed that it was 'much more fun than expected'."

Have a look around

Take a look around Racehall, Skiarena, Voicehall & The Diner. Have a look, and get inspired by all the possibilities! You can walk along the stands in Racehall. Look inside Skiarena or Voicehall, or go to the first floor and check out The Diner.

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